Bossip Re-Meditations VI

I am revisiting my defunct (2008) ANIMAL KINGDOM drawing series and expanding some of those ideas solely as a writing project. I want to use text as  image instead of relying on pictures to relay ideas. I will be recycling some of the words from the 1st iteration of Bossip poems so as to help build up new content for new poems. I will also be using Shelley Jackson’s “Patchwork Girl” as a conceptual framework for further expansion of ideas so that poetry can become more surreal, more bizarre, more monstrous than they ever were before.


Dainty Victorian ladies with grotesque animal faces—that somehow at unexpected moments reveals subtle touches of a past elegance.  Women though they come off as a bit coquettish they have a domineering and tyrannical hold both physically and psychologically over their diminutive male companions. And while these gender fluid and minstrelsy creatures enjoy being egregiously over the top, transgressive and extremely indecent–their men whom they allegedly worship and adore so much– will unfortunately pay a terrible price for their degenerate state and are left in a permanent state of emasculation.

Series is essentially attempting to show the complex sexual and psychological dynamics between a man and a woman.

Methods of Emasculation (Men)


Standing behind woman

Holding the back end of skirt tail

Sucking from breasts


Being carried in a miniature cage

Being held by a leash

Used as a decorative jewel in hair

Woman placing feet on head

Being carried in woman’s hand

Seated on woman’s shoulders

Wearing a brassiere

Sitting in woman’s lap

Woman placing hand on head



Methods of Over-Sexualization (Women)

Exposed breasts

Extremely large and voluptuous racks

Sensual physique

Large shapely buttocks

Long and thick eye lashes

Juicy lips

Soft ‘Shirley Temple’ ringlets

Provocative poses



BASIC Dicks | Kissy Redactions

The Cum-Filled Parrot – woman’s mouth and panties overstuffed with men

The Dickmatized Owls – woman’s adorning men as eyelashes

The Kinky Botfly  – woman with an insect head is pollinating men-flowers

The Sensuous Baboon – man wearing blindfolds while woman poses seductively for him

The Gorilla Thotties  – men sitting on shoulders

The Beautiful Monkey – woman placing hand on man’s head

The Uptight Pussy  – woman with cat face with its tail wrapped around body of men

The Zebra Coochie – stripped men forming in straight line

The Soft Porcupine – man sitting in lap

WET DICKS | Sext Redactions

The Bleached Hood-Rat– n/a

The Ratchet Butterflies -n/a

The Ghetto Gazelles – men as an elaborate jewel around neck

The Righteous Heifer – men wearing oversized heels

The Unfaithful Mongrel – men sitting on bench breasts

The Corpulent Toad – man used as a decorative jewel in hair

The Libidinous Frog – man wearing brassiere


HARD Dicks | Wetted Redactions

The Sophisticated Birds – n/a

The Bugatti Pigeons – n/a

The Dumb-Ass Fox – n/a

The Stale Mackerel – man held by a lease

The Butterface Shrimp – n/a

The Porcupine Cunts – n/a

The Domesticated Whore – n/a

The Chaste Swine – man sucking/feeding from breasts

The White Hog – man standing behind woman

The Black Bitch – men being lynched with pubic hair


G Dicks | Wifey Redactions

The Fried Chicken-Head – man being strangled in hand/ chicklets walking behind woman

The Bulimic Hen – man holding skirt tail

The Toothless Leech – n/a

The Ebola Cherries – woman adorned with an extravagant penis dress

The Cheetah Clits – woman tattooing the face/bodies of all of her lovers over her entire body

The Senile Cougar – n/a

The Apostolic Wench – man as high priest being carried in a birdcage

The Blond Elephant- woman placing/resting her feet on man’s head





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