Bossip Re-Meditations III

Final Decision:

Bossip project would take the form of a chapbook however this would be an instructional manual for ” The Dick Warmers”  series.

In anticipation for book launch I would feature a series of short video vignettes and Giffs when relaunching blog in the public sphere.

End Goal: The sole purpose of “manual” chapbook is to solicit a future code programmer to join Bossip team so that he/she could convert some of the ideas proposed into the electronic-literature realm.

****Notes: 09-28-17 || Studio meeting with design collaborator Chanel Kim ||***

instructions + narrative

what do the instructions look like?

establish and explore what type of instruction

the running series is the dick warmers, what does this embody

we’ve created a linear momentum, there is a literal climax which reflects classic storytelling

projection of what the work might be and it’s not yet realized

sol lewitt kind of thinking, solving or posing these issues but is left in the hands to tease it into a physical thing

we’re setting the coordinates, drafting a psychological mapping, exposing the inner workings of these characters

we’re like a radiologist showing who these people are

how can I be a dumb fox?

what does that look like, what does it look like to be a fried chicken

within that we make comments on stereotypes and how ridiculous they are 

also looking at language and see that they are constructs, within language you create a space where these ideas can exist because the words give them a form, even simply by miming the words

propose that Dick Warmers ultimately about identity creation within the virtual space, and deeper so about

are we teaching the audience how to be a Dick Warmer?


are we giving instruction to imagine or linguistically perform these stereotypes?

linguistic minstreling

the image is the text embodied

the manual’s language should be in contrast to the poetic language

instruction and example

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