Bossip RE-Meditations

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REVISITING (failed) Exhibition Proposal:

{OLD IDEAS | April 2017}

Theme: Giving flesh and bones to a virtual body

“…..Since July 2015, Norman has written over 21 surrealists’ echo-poems, with writer Byron Simmons, inspired by the comment sections of (a popular African American pop culture and entertainment blog). Using a combination of pedestrian, graphic, erotic, and surrealist language, the poems convey the complicated nature of contemporary black relationships. On the Les Bossip Mademoiselle blog, writer and critic Kristen Juarez writes, “[l]ike her drawings, the poems reflect a distorted image of black culture, of its values and drives, that speak truths and lies as they bounce off of each other”…….

Les Bossip Mademoiselles, Vol. I: Book I: The Dick Warmers will then take form as a large format double-sided poster with oblique folds, transforming into an interactive, sculptural object.”

–       Excerpt text from winning 2015 IDEA Capital application

In The Divided Self by R.D. Laing, ‘ontological security’ refers to the firm sense of self arising from ‘being’ in the world, “a real, whole, alive, … and [temporally] continuous person.”* What happens when the virtual space strips us of our bodily selves? As the digital world increasingly consumes more of our time and energy and our physical selves become relinquished to the immaterial, how do we restore the security of knowing ourselves when the body becomes absent? What does the construction of ‘me, she, him, and them’ in the computed environment look like? In an exercise fixing the digital to the physical, Yanique Norman and Chanel Kim attempt to answer these questions in The Art of Mounting. If the virtual identity is reconstituted from a place of formlessness–lacking the marks of the real, whole, alive, and temporally continuous–Norman and Kim propose this virtual ‘body’ appears surreal, unbound by physicality, flexible in ungroundedness, and exaggerated with emphasis.

The proposed exhibition will embody the artist’s two year collaboration featuring multiple media (chapbook, photography, video, text installation, and mixed-media drawings) with each component reflecting a conceptual layer of their work. As a whole, the works aim at challenging what it looks like when we recognize virtual spaces alienating us from our own bodies and what happens when we are responsible for reconstructing our identity. With a space to exhibit, the works will become ‘embodied’ itself, encouraging an exploration of what happens when the figure is absent and what filling the void looks like.
The chapbook serves as the heart of the exhibition and it’s where the virtuality of Norman’s interest in the un-embodied world meets the material. Translating and manifesting the conceptuality of the poems into the material world was the task for the designer, Chanel Kim. Together, Norman and Kim have pushed passed the notion of the chapbook as a pure transcription of the online content which allows it to reflect the surreal nature of the words. They accomplish this with angled folds and type treatments that interact with imagery Norman has created to support the text. In this way, the distorted bodies of Norman’s images become the holding shapes for the poems, which have been further distorted and morphed from its original state (as seen on the Les Bossip Mademoiselles blog). The chapbook will be released in limited edition on opening day.
In addition to the ‘heart,’ there will be cut outs/drawings that illustrate the holding shapes that are included in the chapbook. The stark contrast between the shapes, without the blending characteristic of Norman’s graphite work, make the layers distinct and dimensional….”

REVISING Text-Holders:

Shape holder for poems. Text will possibly fill-in these white spaces. Also considering to transform static text into a flash/kinetic poem.

cut paper collaged on black paper using blade and glue  (2017)



cut paper collaged on black paper using blade and glue  (2017)



Flash/Kinetic Poems

NOT SURE list:

  • Not sure if I want the text to only be animated OR the actual form housing text
  • Not sure if I want individual poems to be in composed as a FLASH or the entire suite as a KINETIC piece
  • Not sure if I want both digitized and print versions to be seen as separate bodies OR somehow mirror each other

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