Butterface Shrimp


body or beauty

body of beauty

my lustful desires wanting to possess her physical

and not worried about her facial features

besides they say beauty is skin deep so just let me dive within

treat her like my woman in bed but outside she can be no more than a friend

I’ll tell her she’s sexy but never gorgeous

she’d be welcome in my flat but not my fortress

i don’t care who says it’s wrong to judge based on looks

probably someone who in the street doesn’t get many second looks

you judge us

get a wealthy man and you’re proud

if he’s lacking keep one in the cut who’s well endowed

calling brothers ugly because of his features or if you feel he can’t dress

never thinking if these things truly make him less

pretty face or pretty body

why do we have to choose

because the media and mean people shape our world’s

that beautiful woman may think of herself as that ugly little girl


it ain’t a matter of choice

it’s an absolute necessity

body over beauty

swagger over soul

penthouse over mama’s basement

security over community dick 

steady money over fast money

blue-and-white collar over color

world consciousness over political correctness

integrity over righteousness

rebel over saint


when i choose wrong

you’all gang up and call me





i care nothing of your pride

i care nothing of your pitiful bitter songs

my heart has outgrown you

honey i feel no-kinds-of-way

all that pimp bully talking

didn’t mattered very much

cause despite my flaws

i still won

Written by MAN (Byron Simmons) & WOMAN (Yanique Norman)


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