Porcupine Cunts


i can’t resist her even when she disrespects me

though she’s talks down; in her presence is where i want to be

i know that shell is built up to protect the delicate soul within

maybe i should have believed her when she wanted nothing more than a friend

but being arrogant i thought i could change her outlook

maybe i should have listened to her words

and thought if i wanted her for more than her looks

i wonder if the attraction is to the chase more than the person

and if she offered all of herself would i still say the lines i’ve been rehearsing

just might be her attitude and swift jabs i don’t want to combat

wish she knew that she could be herself without trying to detract

if she was more submissive i might leave and not come back

could have everything you think you need; but still lack

though i fight with myself i think i’m about to give up

because it seems for her to be strong; my masculinity she seeks to interrupt

her conscious is cruel and her power absolutely corrupts


you had everything you need

in me at first

you had everything you conceived

i bore your swirly seed

you had everything you envied

i ignored the endless sidepieces

you had everything you conquered

i gave you my heart, my time, my body, my money

you got everything you hoped for

the career

the house

the cars

the miscellaneous trophies

you got everything you sank your teeth in

you got everything you believed in

you got everything you stood for

you got everything you fell for

you are blessed despite being both a sinner and a saint

you are my everything

i in return gave you everything

why so mad?

so bitter?

so sad?

when i beg you for so little

i want what you’ve got

i want a piece of your kind of everything

i want to be you

my ambitions are just as high

stop shaming me

stop blaming me

stop running me

and keep loving me

and keep holding me up

i simply want a piece of your kind of everything

i figured it out

if i get to you

i can have it all

Written by MAN (Byron Simmons) & WOMAN (Yanique Norman)

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