Kitty-Kat Mammies


she gets disrespected and dissected by society

her body ravished on film by raunchy ravenous men

her insecurities not protected by her kin

her love taken for granted by mankind and her own kind

few feel they need to nurture her mind

because she doesn’t appear to be worthy

disrespected by her daughter

who parades her wares in public

disrespected by her son

who doesn’t show up to school to know the subject


left the club and found myself with someone i wish i could forget by the morning

this is the situation we find ourselves in when lust makes us horny


you just need to play your position

stepfather to our children

be by my side as we make family decisions

everything that went on in the past was before our time

let’s live for each other and not worry about the daily grind

i’ll provide you with peace of mind

if you can promise you’ll be only mine

may have five kids by five different men

that doesn’t mean what we started should have to end

i just need your support

that’s what a REAL MAN would do

but as you can see those REAL MEN are few

saying it’s not their job to take on someone else’s responsibility

and that the thought of being called a fool hurts their sensibility

i can give you plenty of love that my kid’s fathers never felt

as i’ve grown as a woman the coldness around my heart has begun to melt

the same way i melt into your arms when you hold me in an embrace

i swear i never want to see judgement or worry along the lines of your face

if i could change things i would have met you a long time ago

if i could travel back i’d accept all of the lessons i’ve come to know

but my past made me what i am

and i hope that’s the woman you want

your past doesn’t define you


youre always on that i’m the mother and the father shit

playing a role

never realizing you’re a character in someone else’s skit

you poke and prod everyday taking a bigger bit

talk down to him because he’s too big for you to hit

you’ll never be satisfied no matter who you’re with

you want material things but forgot that peace of mind is a greater gift


Written by MAN (Byron Simmons) & WOMAN (Yanique Norman) 


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