Bulimic Hen


i’m gonna pull out every time

i may give her my body but i’ll never give her my mind

won’t be a victim to her schemes because I know her reality isn’t what it seems


spoken like a true wh0re, you

have seduced me, you

have devoured me, you

have infected me, you

have impregnated me, you

have left me, you

have victimized me, you

have me here, you

have me looking crazy, you

have me smoking these marys, you

have me drinking, you

have me clubbing, you

have me twerking, you

have me prowling, you

have me forgetting, you

have me screaming, you

have me whaling, you

have me breaking, you

have me kicking, you

have me swinging, you

have me in handcuffs

now dem babies feeling neglected

now dem babies in these streets

now dem babies messed up

it’s you at fault

it’s you why everything done gone wrong

it’s you why I could never get up

it’s you why dem hate me so much

it’s you

it’s you

you did this

Written by MAN (Byron Simmons) & WOMAN (Yanique Norman) 

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