Unfaithful Mongrel

“Baby Mama Recital: Act I” performed by Rita-Ashley Cunningham


she’s a maneater so you know what we like to feed her

conquest or a contest she won’t let anyone mistreat her

we both get what we want then lay with our feet up

i’m thinking i like how we vibe

she’s thinking he needs to come on and come back inside

we hold on and make each other feel more alive

how she pushes back i can tell she’d go again

wonder how she could do the act and if she’d invite a friend

know I can only hold her attention for a while

before a new love she begins

so it’s best we remain friends

and leave relationships to others

regal in public and ravished under covers

for the moment feels like you’re mine alone

so i find it hard to leave your mind alone

trying to change the fact

that another man may distract

her thoughts and attention

when i feel they should belong to me only

sitting at opposite ends of the line feeling alone and lonely


having known your love

i will be more

having known your touch

i’ve grown cold

having known your kiss

i seal my tender lips

just to think

after all this time

after all these years

despite my mounting fears

despite the endless threats

i keep running back

again and again

don’t erase the facts

fed up

washed up

regretting us

i am left with no other recourse

i’ve promised myself

that i am more

i am more!

goddamn i know that i know

that i am indeed more

and so

for the betterment of we

for the survival of our seed

 i stay wrapped up in these beds

that i can learn the skill set “to-forget-you”

Written by MAN (Byron Simmons) & WOMAN (Yanique Norman) 

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