Chaste Swine


holding out for him who will satisfy her body and mind

not any of these rude boys but a man who’s compassionate and kind

one who can think with his spirit more than his loins

and knows that a loyal woman isn’t impressed by his looks or his coins

constantly holding back her desires and lust

constantly looking for a man she can confide in and trust

some come close but never far enough

the images of being ravished always swirl in her head

and sometimes she has to rest with a pillow between her legs while in bed

that emptiness there oh how she wished someone would fill it

that longing wet box the right man can spill it

but he has to be one that wants to be there night after night

not an apparition who will be gone by first light

because she’s been holding back for so long

and wants to unleash pure passion with someone who’s headstrong


with all this sexiness

with all this sassiness

with all this sweetness

with all this loveliness

they still manage to shuffle blindly along

despite my voodooism below

they still forget to promise an undying love

but i refuse to give up

for my time to be correctly loved must surely come

Written by MAN (Byron Simmons) & WOMAN (Yanique Norman) 

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