Zebra Coochie


i get what i want

they get what they need

my conscious is clear

their flesh is relieved

i get what i want

they get what they desire

some precious moments alone with me

there’s a few things i require

i free some blessed men from the monotony of daily life

showing them passion they could never experience with a wife

doing things in the dark they wouldn’t do in the light

others may call it wrong but between the sheets feels so right

almost a sex god

the way they worship her body and seek out her heart

only receiving the smaller part

because the majority is reserved for someone that will never be

a vision she has

of a man who will unmask

all the fears and desires of she


everything i do

everything i be

everytime i bed

is me getting close

is me getting to know

is me trying to love

yet somehow

don’t understand how come

but with each score

i am marked

with a giant x

you strike me out

me left hanging

i retreat

i’m clinging

to a dream

while i quietly go

Written by MAN (Byron Simmons) WOMAN (Yanique Norman) 

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