Fried Chicken


i don’t even want to go home tonight

if she argues like this as a girlfriend

imagine the madness if she was my wife

this can’t be the life

it’s not what i envisioned


i evicted malice

pureed my knotted heart

bruised my other cheeks

gouged my lusty eyes

bridled my lascivious tongue

bleached my steely skin

inverted my breasts

pancaked my supple ass

neutered my clitoris

replaced it with Bruce Jenner’s dick

ungrudgingly flung my pearls and heart entrails

to every stray dog and foolish bitch

ruthlessly pecked each of judas’ eye after every slovenly kiss

unselfishly bore Jesus’ thorny crown

bloodily erased the imprints from your past trespasses

i expected skepticism from most of them

but even you too?

after all of this—why must you insist calling me bitter still?


calling you bitter because not many words describe your attitude better

your love is hard to endure

i wish it felt pure

Written by MAN (Byron Simmons) & WOMAN (Yanique Norman) 

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