Cheetah Clits


it’s my body and my life

why do i have to be a girlfriend?

why do i have to be a wife?

i’m an independant woman who does as she pleases

i may be promiscuous but protect myself from diseases

couldn’t protect my heart when i gave it to my past lovers

so now i put up mental barriers and insist he wear a rubber

silently i may wish that we stay close and under the covers

i don’t need a man

to complete me or to begin a family

i don’t need a man

to mistreat me or later abandon me

i don’t need a man

so i’ll abandon him first

give him just enough of me so he can later thirst


you seem salty that no matter how hard you try

you simply can’t keep up

jealous much?

what more do you want?

another hundred thousand lessons!?

buckle up son and grind

bounce baby bounce!

go baby go!

enough with the bitching

just stay moaning

you screamin random facts

but you still not saying nothin

expand your diction

because despite what you think

i can survive without a dick

you will never discover the bottom of my endless bags of  tricks

i’ve pledged many moons ago

to refrain from domesticity

to abstain from all manners of modesty

let me school you son

me fast?


it’s more like:







are you getting this?

i forgot

i’m too damn quick

too hot

too sultry


thickness so sick

nature preferred me

and gave me the upperhand

for i’m more than fast

a matter of fact

i’m faster than fast

i’m three thousand Usain Bolt’s kind of fast

sorry to tell you

but my sins have already been forgiven

stop the stressin

and all of that unnecessary worryin


don’t say a word

just keep doing it right

and i swear on my mother’s life

we will be…




Written by MAN (Byron Simmons) WOMAN (Yanique Norman) 

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