Senile Cougar


i am convinced that love will never find me

poor me, poor me, poor little ol’ me

me no see, no see how, no see when

can’t find it nowhere

been turned around for a long long time

starry eyed






can’t you tell?

love get lost now!

me never see you

he keep stayin out of touch

i am convinced that you is afraid of me

love been defeated

love done gotten deleted

love keep slippin and slindin and fallin

in holes that are just

too long

too tall

too wide

too bottomless

too heartless

too godless—even for he

love too damn small to fill this teacup

love been weary

beaten up

bruised too frequently over such

me never see you

me no see, no see how, no see when

poor little ol’ me

i am convinced even still

that i must be

the mother

the father

the uncle

the aunt

the nephew

the cousin

the nana

of humpty dumpty


i’m done chasing unicorns

i’m done courting knights

i’m done painting picket-fences

i’m done building ginger-bread houses

my focus now is to be right

i am determined to win this heart-fight

say what you may

but I must do what I trust


possession of a young soul

his spirit and virility can make one forget they’re old

the way he haves and he holds me

the way he cons and controls me

telling me i’m lovely because he knows i’m vain

knowing its wrong but alone i don’t feel the same

so i’ll set out to lose at my own game

buying his affection but remaining disaffected towards life’s aims

knowing self to be years past child bearing

an old maid with regrets is what she’s fearing

so she gives her money when love may not be enough

credit cards, new cars, trips and other material stuff

all in the hopes that possessions will birth true affection that will never be

not a husband and wife, not a partner for life, not a family

but who’s to tell a love struck heart that their mind is making wrong decisions

only a true friend not worried about the truth causing division

everybody knows true friends are hard to find

so she goes on telling herself lies

he loves me (No he doesn’t)

we’ll grow old together (you’re already old)

we’ll always be together (until he leaves you)

subconscious fighting false conscious

instead of aware she’ll blind herself to the truth

because she can’t go without the touch of his youth

Written by MAN (Byron Simmons) & WOMAN (Yanique Norman) 

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