Bleached Hoodrat


greyish blue eyes

lashes lusciously thick

coquettish nose

coupled with Angelina Jolie lips

kardashian-sized ass

buttery cinnamony skin

bone-straight hair

sashaying provocatively through the wind

tender voice

bubbly personality

sveltely thin due to my veganism

sipping daily on moscatos and gin

intoxicatingly sweet

downright giddish

hopping on million-dollar jets

paris on weekends

summers in st. barts

sexting on luxurious yachts

collecting red bottoms as a main hobby

washing dishes in gucci tops

golden retrievers sporting ruffled fendi rumps

is everything i’m always not


pest like in nature, scales of social justice not in her favor

first time i visited her house wanted to make it my last

but something about her demeanor makes up what she lacks in class

wonder if she’s like the others just wanting to have someone’s baby

never understanding a slew of unplanned conceptions doesn’t make her a lady

bleaching her skin trying to erase her true essence

pungent odor of malaysian weave is all that you smell in her presence

i want to educate, love and nurture

but i’ll save myself the headache and stop our romance from going any further


let me be your constant muse

i swear

see–pinky promise

that i will find a way to be your everything

man adding one via text

do you love yourself unconditionally with no only ifs or maybes?

if so i want you to conceive and help raise our babies

woman laughing while subtracting two
man adding two via text

tell me about your goals and can you see me beside you as you attain them?

i simply want to make you whole and for all your ambitions–i’ll never tame them

 woman laughing while subtracting four
man adding three via text

what kind of relationship do you have with your mom and dad?

was their separation the reason you’re often sad?

 woman laughing while subtracting six
 man adding four via text

what happened in your past relationships?

where they all the issue or did you sometimes flip?

 woman laughing while subtracting eight
 man adding five via text

can you love someone outside of yourself?

cherish their time in sickness and in health?

 woman laughing while subtracting ten
 man adding six via text

how many kids do you see yourself having?

are you ready for potty training, terrible twos and constant babbling?

 woman laughing while subtracting twelve
 man adding seven via text

where do you see yourself in ten years?

will you conquer your goals or be overtaken by your fears?

 woman laughing while subtracting fourteen
 man adding eight via text

do you believe you have what it takes to be a great wife and mother?

will you sacrifice for me and never give yourself to another?

 woman laughing while subtracting sixteen
 man adding nine via text

what makes a good husband to you?

is it about looks and money or is it making sure his heart is true love?

 woman laughing while subtracting eighteen
 man adding ten via text?

do you value spending time and showing affection?

or are you more comfortable gazing at your own reflection?

 woman laughing while subtracting twenty

Written by MAN (Byron Simmons) WOMAN (Yanique Norman) 

“Basic Recital: Act I” performed by Rita-Ashley Cunningham


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