Gorilla Thotties



to have and to hold

remember their faces when they’d seen us?

my own personal venus

wouldn’t cage your features

because they’re the cause for my lust

how the world has been shaped; you ignorantly look to me with trust

educated you on how to hate and denigrate your natural mate

so you walk around with blinded eyes and a clouded mind willing to be consumed by fate

i can provide security, possessions and an outlook you’ve been missing

by making these things the most important a society has shaped all of your life decisions

media of insincere design defines beauty and value

a platform where another ethnic kind can judge your beauty and devalue you

50 most beautiful and no one resembles a shade close to as dark as yours

world’s prettiest people all look different just because

reveling in the misery they know this plays on your ego and your heart

you succumb to my tireless taunts



ugly as fuck

hairy as shit

young and restless

down on my luck

this time around

i got no bones to pick

stuck it out

kept up a front

with blindfolds on

gained an extra fifty-five pounds

as i hung my head to the ground

blinded by your love

i fooled myself

thinking that because you chose me first

somehow that meant our love was preferred

dumb and confused

i was easily duped

can you not see i care for you

didn’t you know i did what i did out of fear of losing you

baby can you help me deal with all these terrible feelings

baby can you not see how i am seriously wounded from all of these shady dealings

saying we are just friends

but creeping on the low

i count up to ten

to begin to explain these things to myself over and over again

too many transgressions to count

one, two, three

i can’t keep up

four, five

we are doomed

six, seven

we struggled to be free

eight, nine

you’re still making the same empty promises


wait there is an eleven!

this thing is just too low for either one of us to keep

you and i

can i say “we”?


okay i think the lesson is on me then

because in order for us to survive

i had to cheat

i told myself more and more lies

though you told me the truth each and every time

addicted off the incredible high–that is you

i gave myself hope each time we looked past our individual sins

don’t you know it’s hard to get out of the basement honey once you’ve locked yourself in?

in passionate heat we are simply a blazing

our lustful fantasies we turn into immediate realities

you bark

you bite

you tell me never to speak

beating to unconsciousness

you convince me to stay permanently

on my hands and on my knees

you punch

you swing

you push

you slog and kick

you slap

you spit

you piss

we both drink

i pass out

choking, clawing and grasping for air

you insist on ripping out each strand of my thick curly black hair

bald as the moon you swooned

and proceeded to peel my limp flesh out of its temporary cocoon

you drag

you box

you clock

bop then stomp

you finally eject

hauling my ass over the rotten kitchen sink

desperately scrubbing and scraping my tepid stench off your purple and blue skin

you flung me down to gently caress

oh how i shudder by the sound of your tremulous breath!

i fitfully slept

as i openly dreamt of us

to turn around for an assuring kiss

i found out that you’ve already left

ugly as fuck

hairy as shit

i did everything you said

i performed every deed you’ve invent

i put on all kinds of appearances

and bought blonde, red, Indian and glittery wigs

and shaved, bleached and grated off all of my steely skin

and starved at the point of death so that you could pretend that i was super thin

and sawed off my gnarly teeth so that our slobbery kiss were only gums

ugly as fuck

hairy as shit

didn’t you promised to give me everything except the crumbs?

wasn’t i supposed to be the only one?

motherfucker i’m running out of time

there are no more bones to pick

keep those goddamn blindfolds on

i’ll lead the way

hold on tight to my balmy hands

and stick this shit out like a true man!


loving yourself when no one else does

feeling below but living above

seeing the beauty that goes unseen

society judges based on superficiality never admiring your true being

who’s to say what is beauty?

arbitrary judges of facial flaws and sex tinged scars

stunning in my own right

not considered as beautiful because my complexion isn’t as light

wonder if they know for them I’ll fight?

i can only be me

not an image portrayed in your men’s magazine or your most beautiful list

i can only be me

kinky hair, earthy skin tone, strong minded with closed fist

i am what i am

so who can you be?

my detractor or my protector ?

will you denigrate  my worth and try to make me feel less of myself?

or will you protect me from all outsiders by covering me with yourself?

i can be whatever you envision

your queen or your conquest

your bedmate or your headache

choose wisely

because how you see me is a reflection of you


i am eve

i am nile

i am a recurring myth

to my surprise many women envy me because of this

i am the golden apple of every eye

i am the mother of venus

the prized lily of all valleys

i am the archetype who birthed every joan of arc

i have a proven track record to be always prettier

for centuries considered more superior

so then why do  you still seek contentment caressing darkness so lovely and thick other than this?

Written by MAN (Byron Simmons) WOMAN (Yanique Norman) 

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