Dickmatized Owls


lust or a longing for love has her wide awake and up all night

thinking of making plans with this man that she only met last night

wonder if he’ll be like the rest and use her for what he wants

then leave her up a tree and alone;

when he chooses another woman to flaunt

all these thoughts as his mahogany body lies beside her

spent and restless after leaving his seed inside her

i hate them for what i’ve become

a slave to their lust

a receptacle for their cum

i remember my first love and how he couldn’t satisfy me

the hateful accusations and how i let his words define me

because he couldn’t keep up

he could only view me as a slut

not a liberated woman with a supercharged libido

as she closes her eyes she thinks of the howls she made in the night

alas rest doesn’t come

as her eyes remain open like an owl too scared to take flight


mahogany ogres

shifting endlessly

lusting, deceiving

and murdering effortlessly

his minted reveries make me wanna

DA da DA da DA da DA da DA da DA da DA da DA da DA da DA da DA da DA da DA 

Do do DA DA dooly a dooooly Do do dooooly Do do DA DA dooly a dooooly 



disguised under thick canopies of a thousand blue midnights


he is perpetually entangling

deliberately ensnaring

his minted reveries make me wanna

shuma ma do da ma la ma bam baaaaaaaammmMMM



i catch a glimpse of his jaundiced eyes watching me–devouring me inside my willowy trees








he looking at meEEEEEE

he and me turned into weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Written by MAN (Byron Simmons) & WOMAN (Yanique Norman) 

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