Ratchet Butterflies


wish she’d fly as gracefully as she was designed to

but her hurts and pains others have turned a blind eye to

so now i wish she’d fly out of my face

fake attitude, fake tits, fake french lace

if she only knew beauty can’t be bought

at a boutique, consignment store or your neighborhood hair shop

and that she loses more and more of her luster

everytime she allows another faceless man to touch her

bust her;

and he only wants to one time

lust after her body and forget about her mind

a young caterpillar;

who never grows to her full potential

believing her low self esteem and cosmetic enhancements are only coincidental

not knowing those glued on lashes and silicone injected asses

won’t endear her to anyone’s heart

or that enlightened men wish she wouldn’t cover up her scars

to think that from a cocoon of confusion

would emerge a ratchet butterfly

fluttering aimlessly to man-made illusions

if only her cocoon was born out of consciousness and conviction

and her tattered wings could be mended from life’s afflictions


me afflicted?

would you be satisfied if love eats me alive?

somewhere you already knew  

i wasn’t one of life’s winners

i dare you ask me who i am

i promise i won’t tell you

Written by MAN (Byron Simmons) & WOMAN (Yanique Norman) 


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