Cum-Filled Parrots


sweaty leathery breasts

feathery pimpled chests

cloaked in tasteless lust

as perfunctory tongues peck away trajectory tips

unhinged with each jab of the hips

unhinged with each scent of perfumed salty lips

he flops

she twirls

succulent vowels drowning in black holes

sweet toothlessness sugared by fleshly poles

faithlessness whetted with peppery recklessness

makes him mesmerized eliciting an explicit hymn

he flops

she twirls

sweaty leathery breasts beating on feathery pimpled chests

cloaked in tasteless lust

is prescriptive of an inevitable brokenness

he gripless

she comfortless

he out

she in

he is something now that she is nothing

he is speechless now that she is powerless

he with a swollen tongue and she with a sunken cheek

he finally omnipotent and she forever subjected to headlessness

twirl! twirl! twirl!

his legs shucking and jiving

his hands flaying frenetically

i envy him

i covet him

his blissfulness

his jubilant glees

his mirth is the birth of innumerable sorrows

sweaty leathery breasts

feathery pimpled chests

i am now convinced that these tasteless lusts

leads to an inevitable brokenness

i fret at my pilloried fate

longing for a luminous state

reveling in a peculiar reprieve

i contemplate a particular soul surgery

i seek for a particular unraveling

unnerved and unglued i go

and so with nothing to baby

he—i pry my mouth wide—wide open




spit eh!

oh word!

yo self?

toot or rep?



eh! eh!

won ma!

dna not??






I! I!

bare trim!?


won ma!

no tats?

rail Eve!?

me trap!?


I ton? eh!


i can fill you up with my essence

but not give you any mind when you’re out of my presence

you give me all of you and that’s probably what i despise

i see the longing on your features

glimpse the sincerity in your eyes

skin shining like wet leather

breasts on point when we’re together

i never mean to leave too soon

i never meant to be a one night stand when you needed a groom

leaving your mouth open for a kiss that never was to come

leaving your heart longing for a time when hurt is undone

i won’t be the villain in your sob story

i simply refuse to be portrayed negatively

while you cloak yourself in glory

when we met as two mature adults

don’t lose your sense of responsibility by trying to place fault

when i lay down with you it’s supposed to be a moment of release

seems so often that our time together is borrowed

so i take no joy in your sorrow

knowing the things you pray for today

may become the things you curse tomorrow




em ton?

tub sip??


ah! ah!


em rut?

no! no!

eh! eh!

eye tire ??

eh! eh!



got no!



em r even!

you mean i saw even?

Ooo Mo??


a nod of!?


Eh! Eh!


who the fuck is Nini?

and why are you slipping out of mysterious tubs and falling on top of Eva?

boy i am no fool–i got good sense

i know we’re in a rut but that is no excuse for kicking it with Mo!

i know we’ve been down before but to choose Eee! is just downright foul

so what about my past?

that in no ways gives you a nod to be fast

why should you be frightened over familiar ghosts, honey don’t you know they no longer have their hold?

with all that have happened you must first learn to forget

so does this mean you’re going to man up and tell all of Em! to go straight to hell?

and what about Ah! for she would you really bend?

and don’t forget about that bitch Ooooo! please tell me what are you really going to do?

that will never work!

just save me the headache and tell me how many more pots are there still stirring?

wait, wait!

are you questioning my loyalty?

then why must you make this fuckery a permanent part of us?

who erased it?

who straggled it?

who buried it?

who? who?

is it Nini? is it Eva? Is it Mo?

if it’s not all of Em? then surely it’s Ah!

wait a second is that a no you just said?

i should have known–it’s that bitch Oooo! again

this doesn’t make any kind of sense

can’t you just stop fucking and have some restraint over yourself?  

Written by MAN (Byron Simmons) & WOMAN (Yanique Norman)

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